Sevierville, TN: Saturday Evening Festivities (Milestone Trip #25)

The day's work projects are finished!  Burgers and hotdogs are cooking on the grill.  The Ranch families and staff arrived as the sun dipped towards the horizon.   We all gathered together to celebrate a special occasion and to wear special t-shirts created to commemorate this occasion.  We were completing Johnson Ferry's 25th trip to Wear's Valley Ranch. 

In the below collage, we are all dressed in our t-shirts.  Rick enjoyed reminiscing about one of the project completed at the Ranch on JFBC's very first Mission Trip to the Ranch.   The split rail fence they worked on building that trip is still standing. 


Saturday evening festivities included a cook-out of hamburger and hotdogs, baked beans, macaroni & cheese, chips, and cookies.  Then it was time for gathering around bonfires to roast marshmallows and build S'mores while exclaiming over the delightfully spectacular firework display.