Hungary: JFCA 2014

Monday afternoon orphanage visit was a great success. We are used to orphanages with small children but this one actually had teens. The guys played basketball with a little football since one of the guys kept trying to tackle them. Good think half of our team are football players.

Our basketball game last night was successful on many levels. We had a physical win and I believe a spiritual  victory as well.  Szazhalombatta is a suburb of Budapest.  The town's main employer is a oil refinery.  The "Batta Boys" team was prepared for 7 ft tall NBA type players so they were happy to see us as we were greeted with lots of smiles. The facility was a great multifunctional community gym. I could only hope we have a facility like it one day. There were news camera's filming the game not sure if they televised the whole game or just a line item on the news. These parents appeared similar to any east Cobb mom wanting to cheer on her son.  All of our team played hard and won by about 20 points.  We exchanged gifts between the players. Drew Parsons had East Marietta jerseys donated for our guys to give each player. They gave our players a key chain and jump drive.  Their parents  provided all of us with a wonderful spread of desserts and hearty snacks. We anticipate our visit will help the church plant team in this town of Szahalombatta continue to grow.

Quick stop by McDonald's  for burgers and back to hotel for lights out which again seemed to give these boys a second wind as I heard heavy feet in the hallways.

6:30 am wake up call  - Breakfast

7:30 we divided into two groups to head out to two different local high schools.

When we arrived at the school we met the English teacher who escorted us to her classroom. We played some team games and then spent time talking to the students. This allowed them to practice their English. We also invited them to a Friday night social and Bible study. We went to four different classes. Each had a different level of English students. It is interesting to see that these teens are the same as our guys.

We went to a new Mall for lunch. It is in the 11th district of Budapest which is the nicer area. Drew Meadows commented on fact that our new malls are build away from the downtown areas and this one was in the middle of Budapest.

We have a game again tonight with local club team. This should be a more competitive game.

Please pray for our continued safety and health. Christin  had a bit of nausea but we hope it has passed.