Uganda: The 'mission' starts BEFORE you board the plane!

Through the generous donations of so many folks from JFBC, TTT classes, yoga groups, small group bible studies neighborhoods working together and friends of friends, the team has had the privilege of packing 16 EXTRA suitcases with donations including clothes, shoes, school supplies, BandAids and Neosporin, toothbrushes and toothpaste and SO MUCH MORE!

And in the process of asking for donations, the Good News of God's Love has been shared with all who would listen.

The giving was SO abundant that we were able to share the 'extras' with the Atlanta Mission and the women and children at 'The Garden'. Over 42 EXTRA bags were given to shelters for homeless women and children in Atlanta! (The picture is from one of three trips to take the donations!)

Our team of 8 women leaves tomorrow- Sunday, March 2nd. Please be in prayer around 2:30PM as we attempt to get all of the luggage checked in at Delta, including a lawnmower! That's about 800 pounds of 'extra' luggage, in addition to our personal suitcases.

We have two 9-hour flights, arriving in Uganda at 10:30pm on Monday night.

Please pray for safety and divine appointments to share with others along our journey...

...the mission trip doesn't start when your plane touches ground on foreign soil, it starts the moment you say YES to the command to GO!