Uganda: So Much to Say!

Picture 1)
We are spending time with the teens every afternoon- playing cards, making bracelets, dancing and teaching the bible. What a joy to love on these sweet children!

Picture 2)
We had the privilege of teaching about 100 3's and 4's in their devotionals. We taught them the song:
"1 2 3...Jesus Loves Me
He loves me when I walk
He loves me when I talk
He loves me when I eat
He loves me when I sleep

Picture 3)
There's nothin like worshiping with 200 Primary School students!

Picture 4)
More teen time!

Picture 5)
We performed a skit about sin, salvation and forgiveness and then asked the students to act it out for us. They did great!

Picture 6)
Classroom antics in the Public School

We had the privilege of dining with the teachers for lunch and were served rice and beans,cabbage and Irish potatoes and pieces of mystery meat. There were no forks so we DIDN'T take any pictures to share...

Picture 7)
Who wouldn't want to dress like the students?

Picture 8)
Bunkhouse fun! Can you say 'giant slumber party'?
We finished the night having our team meeting on the porch of the bunkhouse with bats flying over our heads!

We are having the time of our lives teaching, loving on and playing with the children! We're thankful to ALL who are praying - your prayers are being answered!