Uganda: It Just Keeps Getting Better!

We met as a team this evening to debrief from the day and the question was asked: "What was your favorite part of today?"
That started a 45 minute discussion because we couldn't decide. EVERY part of the day brought tears to our eyes and inexplicable joy as we saw God at work in the lives of these beautiful children and missionaries!

(We can't get pictures to post- the internet connection hasn't been strong enough so we'll just tell you...)

We had the privilege of dining with the children in their houses. We sang worship songs, had a devotional and then ate rice, beans and cabbage.

We can't even begin to describe our joy as the children lifted up their voices in praise to the King! Even the special needs children that can't speak were humming and trying to sing!

There's a time for laughter and TODAY was IT! The team performed 65 minutes of comedy for about 25 missionaries from all over Uganda. There wasn't a dry-eye in the house... Everyone was shedding tears of joy! How good it was to see these wonderful women who are giving their all to God just relax and enjoy themselves! One woman drove 2 hours to come!

Part of pampering the Ugandan missionaries involved haircuts and mani/pedis. What a fabulous way to spend time together...laughing, talking and encouraging one another.

Two of the women had our fabulous hair stylists create completely new hairstyles!

We were able to teach in the schools today and share our testimonies. This is a picture of a class of three year olds. They were beautiful! They bowed to pray before the class began and they recited about 20 lines of a beautiful prayer. We were amazed. We would have loved to stay with them all day!

Craft time with the teens was a great time to talk one-on-one and pour some Truth into the teens as we worked on projects. We've been talking about knowing God and how to know when you are hearing His voice.

There are about 25 special needs children on the campus and we've loved getting to know them and experience their joy!

We've only got a couple of days left and tomorrow we're throwing a HUGE party for the missionaries children- complete with a piñata, Twister, music, a gift exchange and LOTS of junk food!

Then we're hosting a field day where we expect 100+ children.

Then we're off to eat dinner with all of the missionaries as we love on them some more before we head home.