Uganda: Oh What a Glorious Day!

We had the privilege of joining the special needs children in singing worship songs this morning. Oh what a blessing to see these sweet children lift their voices in praise with HUGE smiles on their faces!

Then we walked a mile to the Light of the World church where we worshipped on a floor made of dung and walls made of sugar cane poles.
What an experience to sing in multiple languages to the SAME God!

After church we walked back through a nearby village and had the opportunity to visit inside of a hut.

Our afternoon was spent packing our bags and then we had one last session with the teens.

Then we broke bread with the Gwartney's for one last time of fellowship together.

We're headed out early in the morning for a few stops along the way to the airport. Our flight leaves at 11:30 and we'll arrive in Atlanta on Tuesday afternoon.

What a trip! We can't wait to tell you about it!