Alaska: Of stories and sleds...

Portage Glacier

We are now waking up for our first morning in the Arctic. Last night we saw the sun set (at 11:00) over the Arctic Ocean from Kotzebue. It is 13 degrees below zero and all is covered in snow and ice. It is beautiful.  

Because of our flight schedules we had some time yesterday to visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center as well as the famous Portage Glacier. That drive is remarkable. Every bend in the road reveals more wonders of God's creation.

Today is the start of the Kobuk 440 sled dog race. It will be fun to be out on the frozen ocean for the mass start. Please pray that we will have opportunities to engage people while out there.

This afternoon at 2:00 (6:00 EST) Hooks will meet with a leader of the Friends Church to discuss teaching orality and chronological Bible storying to the church trainers on our August trip. Please pray for this meeting.  Pray for a connection with David (the leader). Pray for wisdom for Ryan. Pray that God's message will be spread through a new, yet familiar, method. The Eskimos are a storying culture. They love stories. They communicate in stories. Yet, they teach the Bible in 3-point sermons because that is what we (lower 48) taught them to do. This meeting today will be an effort to bring them back to learning the Bible through stories. Not only would this be better for their learning, it would also be better for multiplication teaching.

Musk Ox

So, please be in prayer for our time around the race today as well as for the meeting this afternoon. We also will be traveling to Ambler in the morning. Please pray for safe and easy travel. Weather can alter travel plans quickly around here. Pray that we will connect quickly with friends and new people alike. We want to share God's story with them. We are looking for opportunities to share the Gospel, pray over people, and bring glory to God. Pray for those to happen.

Thank you for joining us in prayer for this time in the arctic. It is critical to our mission.

Ryan Hooks, Ryan Morgan, Andrew Savasuk