Alaska: Snowed In.

Thank you for following our trip to the Arctic this fall.  It has been wonderful.  We were unable to update in Ambler because the wifi was very dodgy.  As I write this to you we should be on our last leg home but instead we are back in Kotzebue.  We were snowed in to Ambler yesterday and then missed all of our flights home. Discouragement and frustration were the initial responses, but we quickly realized God was not done with us in Ambler. 

One of our good friends came over when he heard that our flight had been cancelled. He and Andrew talked outside for a long time before he invited Andrew to meet his family. Andrew went into two new homes and visited with several of Harry's friends and family. He got the opportunity to share the gospel in two homes and pray over about a dozen people.

One of the people he visited told him that God had told her that morning not to do drugs because someone she had never met was going to come to her today and tell her truth. She kept saying God told me this and here you are all the way from Georgia. God used Andrew in a mighty way in Ambler last night.

Then Harry took all three of us to meet his sister and nephew. We talked for a little while and then asked her if God could do any miracle in her life what would it be. She said she needed a job. So, we prayed for her to get a job and then see that it was God who gave it to her. We shared some of our stories and tied it into God's story before we left. 

Had we not been snowed in for an extra day we would have missed all of this. We spent a lot of time last night talking in the cabin about all God had done that day. We praised God for snow storms and missed flights so that His kingdom might expand in Ambler.

Thank  you all for your prayers. We will leave Kotzebue in about 3 hours and then continue our journey home from Anchorage tomorrow afternoon. Please pray for safe and easy travel. 


Ryan, Ryan, and Andrew