Spain: San Sebastian- here we come!

Some of the other younger team members bring new expertise to the festival preparations this year.

The youngest team member, 14 months, practicing for the festivals.

The 2014 Spain trip will be led by Tom and Becky again, and this year they will be flying the team of 32 to northern Spain, San Sebastian to be exact.

The team will take part in city "festivals" to draw in the people of San Sebastian, love on them, and tell them about the Gospel.

The team members have been meeting to prepare for the mission "festivals" and lift up their plans in prayer.

Please be in prayer for "divine appointments" as the team prepares to do God's work overseas and support the local church in San Sebastian.

The team will be leaving in a little over a week. Thank you in advance for all your prayers and support! Check back to see how God moves!