Dominican Republic: We Made It! And...Day 1

Go and do. Preach, teach, imitate, influence. Jesus' commissioning of His followers. I wonder if the disciples had the same enthusiastic anticipation and energy that we had leaving Atlanta bound for the Caribbean. It amazes me why people, especially families give up personal time and exert tremendous effort in preparation to go and do in Jesus' name. Great worship and interaction this morning at Juan 3:16 Iglesia Bautista. American kids connecting with Dominican kids they've only known for a few minutes. Simply put amazing.

Today is Mother's Day in the Dominican.  We headed to the beach in anticipation of a crowded beach full of folks celebrating mothers.  We weren't disappointed.  After some initial set-up we began conversational witnessing.  

At one point there were five 2 on 1 conversations about Jesus going on at Juan Dolio beach... and it continued for hours.  

I can't imagine a more wonderful way to celebrate Mother's Day.  We played baseball, jumped waves, made fingerprint cards and bracelets with some of the most beautiful people in the world.  We had the great privilege of sharing Jesus' love with them.  

Please continue to pray for our team.  The kids (there are 27 of them) are doing great and their energy is contagious.  Pray for the folks we shared Jesus with today.  May He so work in their hearts that they will never be the same.  I know 52 people who will never be the same...

We hope to post photos tomorrow... stay tuned.