Spain: San Sebastian- singing and dancing His praises

Every tribe, nation, and people group.” God’s praises will one day be sung in every tongue, and because San Sebastian is proving to be a popular place to “holiday,” we witnessed a seemingly reflective gathering of multiple nationalities during our first festival.

God started our day filling us up as we sang and joined our partner church, “Encuentro del Dios” for Sunday worship in order that we might pour into the people drawn to the festivities in the evening. The dancing, balloons, bracelets, and other activities brought curiosity and jubilance for all ages. 

After realizing that their children could obtain so many small gifts out of love, the adults wanted to know more about why so many Americans were their with Spanish writing on their shirts. “No fue nostoros por sino, por su amor” 1 John 4:10. A basic paraphrase, explaining that it’s not for us, but for His love, displayed in bright colored attire, led to many great conversations. Seeds were planted as interest and curiosity was expressed. 

Please pray for these seeds to grow through future discipleships in the days and months ahead. Some were direct with their questioning of afterlife, while others simply thanked us for our sincere love. The gospel was shared, and hands were held during a beautiful first day in San Sebastian.