Ecuador: Student Trip - At School in Leitello

Brief post this morning, I'm sorting out some technical issues.  There will be pictures tonight.  Yesterday was a great day.  We spent a couple of hours with about 60 elementary age kids at a school in Leitello up in the mountains (7,700 ft above sea level).  The latest production of Joseph and the coat of many colors was even more grand this time.

Today we go back today to tell the story of Jesus in the Temple - when he stayed behind and his parents thought he was headed back with them (Luke ch 2).  Our craft will be to make and decorate little compasses, you know, so you can find your way.  How do you find your way in life?  How do you know where "north" is?  Perhaps a guide would be helpful, as in "I am the way, the truth and the life" (John 14:6).  Sound like someone you'd like to know better?

Pictures later today, I promise.