Dominican Republic: Humbled

After our baseball success yesterday, we were looking for more of a challenge.  We got it...


We played at a baseball academy in Santa Domingo.  The kids at the academy practice daily and it has produced several professional baseball players.  We jumped out to a 3-0 lead and shut them down by turning a triple play in the first inning!  We were feeling confident. 

Then they scored 30 runs.  Yep, 30. 

We managed to score 4 more in the final inning to gain some momentum for tomorrow, but it was a humbling experience.

After the game, Luke Nolan and John John shared their testimonies with over 50 players and families.

Despite the rough day, the boys showed great sportsmanship and acknowledged the talent and hard work of our opponents.

All smiles and sportsmanship

All smiles and sportsmanship

For our afternoon project, we visited another village to play with the kids.  But instead of the rock-star welcome we received yesterday, we arrived at an empty field, with only a few horses.  It was humbling after the reception we received yesterday.  We had to walk through the village to round up the kids. 

We organized some baseball, basketball, and kickball games.  During sharing time, Drew, Tony, Ian, and Andrew Bowman shared the gospel and we welcomed 5 new believers into the kingdom!

We finished the day with a powerful devotion on the beach.  Shane challenged the kids to let go of whatever was holding them back from living a full life for Christ.

We are all looking forward to getting back on the field tomorrow.