Dominican Republic: Play. Pray. Repeat.

Play. Pray. Repeat. That is the formula we have been following all week.

Herlitz bats in front of a full-stable

This morning, we played a game at the Cano complex.  It is owned by Robinson Cano's father.   

We started a bit shaky and fell behind early 9-0, but the boys settled down and closed the gap for a 9-4 final.  It was a fun, competitive game. 

After the game the father/son combo of Devin and Andrew shared the gospel to a dugout full of kids.

Spur of the moment ministry


On the way home, we passed a small, dirt, trash-filled field where some younger kids were playing baseball.  We stopped the bus to get out and take some pictures and we gave them four brand new baseballs.  They were very grateful and excited for the gift. 

They immediately started playing with the balls without even taking them out of the wrapper.



After lunch we went to another village to play games with the children.  Our bus was greeted by a handful of kids, but the crowds grew as the games progressed.  We had over 100 kids around for the multiple gospel presentations by Sean, Brady, Ethan, Harrison and David Hutchins.

We played baseball and kickball on fields full of glass and poop... horses, goats, cows, pigs, and chickens freely roam area.

Harrison shares with a full dugout

Harrison shares with a full dugout

The devotional tonight was on finishing strong.  Tomorrow is our final day of ministry and we challenged the boys to leave it all out on the field and ministry field.

In the morning we will be leading a baseball clinic in the city. In the afternoon, we will attempt to play on the SF Giants field again for a doubleheader in the afternoon.

Please pray that the boys finish strong and that they stay cool in the afternoon heat during their final games.