Dominican Republic: Preparing for re-entry


Since we didn't have any ministry activities today, we let everyone sleep late and try to recuperate.  Many of the team is still struggling with stomach issues, but everyone has had a great attitude and they have not let their illness slow them down.

All but 2 team members joined us on our relaxation day.  It was a nearby resort with multiple pools, beach activities, buffet, and unlimited drinks.  Some activities include sliding, volleyball, soccer, aqua-cise, and dancing.





Nobody was looking forward to eating another rice dinner at our hotel, so we ordered pizza.  The kids enjoyed having a slice of America.

Our evening devotion challenged the boys to be different when they return home and they wrote postcards to themselves.  We will mail them in 30 days as a reminder of their experience and what they learned.

Our final scoreboard for the trip:
- Souls saved: 8
- Seeds planted: over 250
- Baseball record: 4-2

It has been an amazing trip with an incredible group of young men that have stretched themselves and each other for Christ.  The boys have created memories and friendships for a lifetime.

But, they are ready to come home, see their families, eat American food, flush toilet paper, sleep in 'un-nested' beds, and check their Instagram.

Please pray for safe travels and for continued healing of the stomach bug before we step onto the plane.