Middle East: How do we pray?

Hey folks:

Thank you for praying.  The team is doing well--got a good night's rest and a few good meals.  

Today was a transition day for us--we split off into two groups for worship and then met back together for lunch and some touring of the downtown area.  Tomorrow we head to the warehouse of our ministry partners here to serve in the food packing process.  

One of the groups heard a powerful message on praying for one another.  The pastor reminded them that not only is it important to pray for each other, but also how we pray for each other is important.  We often pray for someone's health, but how often do we pray that they will abide in Christ?  After the message the congregation was told to go find someone in the room and tell them you are committing to ongoing prayer on their behalf.  

How do we pray for one another?  May we likewise approach the Father's throne on behalf of our brothers and may we commit to pray for the deeper truths in their lives.  

Speaking of prayer: In addition to prayers for safety, health, and strength, would you also pray for our spiritual condition? Pray that our hearts would break for the things that break God's heart. Pray we would be a great encouragement and blessing both to the refugees and to our brothers and sisters here who serve them all the time. Pray The Lord would use this week to make us more like Jesus. These are the kinds of prayers we would covet.  

Thank you for praying.