Middle East: The Power of the Resurrection

Today we started early with a devotion on Ephesians 1:15-20 focusing on the power we have available to us through the resurrection.  It was good preparation for our task as we spent the morning in the ministry warehouse filling the food bags that will be distributed to refugees.  Each bag (approx 80 pounds) represents about 20 days of food that can feed a family of six.  The bag contains staples such as rice, beans, flour, sugar, canned goods, and paper products.  The work was hot and sweaty but ultimately completely fulfilling.  As much as we did (100 bags) the work we did was just a drop in a vast ocean of physical and spiritual need in this country in particular and the region in general.  We prayed for the building and the staff and sang "How Great is Our God" in both English and Arabic. 

After lunch we attended a staff meeting where our team was introduced.  Brian shared a devotion of encouragement and we broke into groups to pray for the staff.  We then met with the education team to plan for our children's program later in the week.  They told us heartbreaking stories about the Syrian children and their plight.  The vast majority of the Syrian children have not been to school since the war broke out three years ago.  Some come from abusive families due to the stress of having fled their home and being without work.  Imagine making a choice for your 12 year old to give up what schooling may be available in order to work full time.  Imagine your 7 year old being afraid to walk to school because his shoes are so worn his feet would get wet.  There were many tears shed and we were more compelled than ever to share the love of Jesus with these kids as we serve them with excellence.  Would you take a moment and pray for the Syrian refugees who face this reality on a daily basis and on a scale of suffering that is hard to fathom?  Would you take a moment to also pray for our ministry partners who work tirelessly to meet the needs of as many families as possible?   

Tomorrow we depart to a large tent city to distribute to the families.  We would appreciate your prayers.