Middle East: Teaching Refugee Children

The highlight of the day today was teaching a group of nearly 100 Syrian refugee children.   We ran a 3-hour program with music, worship, crafts, games, and Bible stories.  We got to share the gospel of Christ's love and prayed over them. Every one of us fell in love with those sweet, precious faces. They were so appreciative and truly a delight. 

Nearly all of these kids have no alternative to the local ministry's "non-formal education."  They have had no schooling since the Syrian war began--over three years now--so the ministry here has taken up the mantle to do something to fill in huge gaps--teaching them math, Arabic, English and other subjects. Only God knows what the future holds for these little ones. We rest in the hope that God loves them even more than we ever could.  

We have been so impressed by the dedication of the ministry team here on the ground. They are quite talented, dedicated to their work, and have a real heart for the refugee families. We have been able to get to know them and hear their stories and why they are choosing to stay and make a difference.  

In the midst of such immense suffering, we have been blessed to witness first hand stories of hope and lives that have been transformed. The gospel offers true hope, genuine forgiveness, and unconditional love. Our prayer is that Christ's love will sweep across this land and swallow up the hurt and the hate. 

Tomorrow we head outside of town to do a similar children's program with 150 kids living in a tent city. After the program we will try to visit the families in the tents. Thank you for your prayers. Please pray for strength from the sun and heat.