East Africa: First Day on the Ground

Hello Everyone!

After almost 22 hours of travel time, our East Africa mission team, led by Wayne Wright (with trip participants of Genila Wright, Drema Roberts, Jim Roberts, Bill Marsh and Austin Smith) arrived safely.

The trip, although tiring, was smooth without any major problems.

We grabbed a few hours sleep at our hotel before heading out on our first medical mission clinic at a small church about one hour away in the countryside.  Armed with the prescription drugs that would be dispensed, we were joined by nine medical students and an experienced nurse.

It rained in that area last night and the dirt road became quite muddy.  We were within a mile of our destination with our van sliding around over the slippery road and almost slipping into a precarious tilt.  Our driver became concerned that we might possibly slip on down into a crevice area so we had to exit the van while he maneuvered on up the hill.  We got somewhat muddy from that plus the sticky condition of the slippery soil.  (A prior mission trip in Matamoros, Mexico came to mind as we slipped around in the mud).

A few hundred local people came to our clinic for help on this day.  Although we were still tired from our trip we had an enthusiastic response from the community and the medical students were very conscientious in diagnosing and recommending the proper treatment and medicines. Most of our team worked with the pharmacy helping dispense the necessary drugs for treatment

We also had opportunity while there to visit the home of our van driver where he and his wife provided us with a local flat bread (chapati) and tea.

Tomorrow we will go back to this same community for church service, lunch with the community and then show the Jesus Movie in the local Swahili language. Can't wait to share what all God is doing on the ground here!

- Jim