India: Mustard Seed Kind of Growth

Day one of training is in the books - Four teams:


Chris and Dan: teaching youth (ages 15-20) who come from a nominal Christian people group in a nearby state.  They had 24 in attendance today.

Suzanne and Matt: teaching leaders/new believers from a low cast Hindu people group who are the "tea pluckers" of this country.  They had 40 in attendance.  

Lynda/Jeana/Casie: teaching female believers from a tribal people group who live in bamboo huts on stilts.  There were 25 in attendance today.  We worshiped with one of their churches yesterday.  Many experiencing persecution for their faith.  

Brian and Ryan: teaching believers (many new) coming in from a long train ride; all from a Muslim background.  There were 25 in attendance today.  

Perhaps the highlight of the day was baptizing 9 of our students, 7 from one group and 2 from another.  

The material we are presenting is quite a challenge for these students.  They are excited and eager to learn, and yet learning these stories, plus the discover Bible study, is not easy.  All have homework tonight and will have to present in the morning.  Please pray for their strength.  


Here's our prayer:

Like that Matthew 13:31-32 parable of the Mustard Seed, that through the teaching of the Word of God, this seed of the kingdom would grow and grow, to spread throughout this land.  There are multitudes of unreached people groups here.  So many have never heard the gospel, let alone the name of Jesus.  One man who was baptized today is the only believer in his entire district.    

Would you join us in that Mustard Seed prayer?  The Word of God is living and active.  May He use it to equip his saints and build His church.

Thank you.