South Asia: The Price to Follow


Imagine being in a remote area where there are many generations of families who have never heard THE TRUTH. These are tribal people who live in villages far away from city life. Generation after generation, families are held in bondage as they strive to appease their gods. Their rituals and sacrifices are all that they have to rely on. They do not know that there is THE ONE TRUE LIVING GOD that longs to give them eternal life (John 3:16). Yet in these distant places there is a smattering of believers - sometimes one believer for an entire tribe or people group - who are the game changers. These believers are sold out for JESUS. Somewhere along the way - while hiking through mountains and valleys, trekking through the jungle, or crossing the borders of nearby countries on foot - another believer shared the GOOD NEWS and instantaneously their lives were changed. TRUTH has come! Now these men and women are taking the GOOD NEWS back to their villages. They are brave individuals who have testimonies that make you weep. Most have been kicked out of their families. Many have been beatened and arrested. Some have family members who have been killed for their faith. They have unbelievable stories that illustrate the cost of following JESUS in this part of the world.


Our team of six people has the privilege of teaching these believers and house church leaders stories about JESUS. We divided our team of six into three teaching pairs. Each morning the three pairs go their separate ways towards their respective training locations. It is there that we meet the amazing men and women who have a hunger and thirst for the Lord to a degree that is not commonly seen in the States. Since the majority of these people are illiterate we teach using pictures and oral story telling. The students learn the stories quite quickly and we dig into Scripture together. Much learning has gone on but more importantly we have encouraged one another in the faith (Hebrews 10:23-24). For the last two days we had 94 students at three locations. 15 people were baptized. Tomorrow a new group of students arrive and we will, once again, be amazed by the cost that has been paid to follow Jesus.

How blessed we are to be a witness to what God is doing in this part of the world!