Japan: Worship

Our team focused upon our singular and corporate worship, dedicating our consciousness, mind, imagination, heart, and will by submitting to the Lord.  We then went to our hosts' home.  Wendy and Mark live in a small apartment near by...very small! Housing is in demand due to the tsumani four years ago.

We were invited by a local business woman who Keishi and Andrea met on the train to her company for a picnic.  Her sister who has battled lung, liver and intestinal cancer came with her husband who is a chef.  He cooked this fantastic egg souffle, tempura shrimp and vegetables, grilled pork, beef and chicken, rice with toppings and soup.  The kids made pizza cooked in a homemade pizza oven.  Wendy made pumpkin pie and chocolate souffle.  WOW!

We danced, sang in practiced for our activiies the next few days, then watched a child's karate exhibition.  Tehwan painted a picture for the sick sister. We prayed over her and shared the gospel.  They had many questions.  Our hostess Mrs. Y mentioned an interest in displaying a creche for Christmas.  That really exciting to us and we promised to send her one.  

Mark and Wendy then took us to the ocean to see spome of the damage.  That was very sobering yet the Japanese are resourcefully rebuilding. A long but fabuulous day to prepare us for busy days ahead.  God bless these people who so generously welcomed us  with open arms.