JAPAN: Our last day in Kamishi

Six displacement camps in three days has kept us busy and elated.  The displaced people loved the art lesson and were quite artistic,  which was evident by painting some beautiful flowers.  Tehwan does a great job of explaining techniques and encouraging the folks to explore and grow. While Keishi shared his testimony everyone stayed attentive.  They were very touched by his words and sincerity.  

What lovely and gracious people.  They loved all we had to offer and even danced with us.  We laughed and hugged.  I have no idea of anything they said but totally understood their smiles and hugs! Our prayer is that 1% of the population as Christian grow in mighty ways.  It is a slow process but God's grace and love is alive in Japan.  It is just buried deep.  Our missionaries Wendy and Mark are fantastic. They are organized, encouraging, gracious and merciful.  Plus, they have been feeding us well!  Bob and Gloria are long time members of the team in rural Japan and it is obvious they are well loved here.  Pray for team on the front lines.  It is a long slow process but our God is awesome.

We leave early in the moning to take the bullet train back to Tokyo.  We will miss these quiet and lovely people who shared their hearts and smiles with  us.  Many described their tsumni escape and it broke our hearts.  It is so hard to picture and imagine the massive destruction but you can see it in their eyes.  We loved our time in Kamishi.