North Africa: Final Day of Teaching

Friends and family,

Today we are concluding our teaching in North Africa. This week, we have covered the doctrines of God, Scripture, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Angels. The students are engaged and hungry to learn about the truths of Scripture. Yesterday afternoon we had a session where the students could ask us any question that they wanted and we got a number of excellent (and difficult!) questions.

As we have spent time with our students and heard their stories this week, we are rejoicing in what God is doing in this part of the world. All of our students are Muslim background believers and their thirst for knowing the Lord and His Word is inspiring. While our testimonies often involve a gospel presentation and response, their testimonies frequently include beatings by family, imprisonment, and/or loss of family relationships because of their choice to become a follower of Jesus. There is truly a cost to believe in this part of the world and yet these believers are being faithful in the places God has put them. 

After we conclude our teaching around 9am Eastern today (mid-afternoon here), we will begin our journey home early tomorrow morning. As we go, please be praying for these requests:

1. Safe travel for us and our students. Almost all of our students will be crossing borders back into their home countries. Please pray they do not encounter any problems getting back to their places of ministry. 

2. Application of truth. We've repeatedly talked this week about the importance of applying what we are learning. Good theology must be more than information--it must be applied. Pray our students will apply what we have learned this week, sharing the good news in difficult places with confidence in the God we have been studying together. 

3. Faithfulness for our students. Many of our students are going back into lonely places or situations where their employment is questionable. Please pray for provision for their physical needs, but most of all that they would remain faithful under difficult and lonely conditions. Pray they would find joy in the Lord and that He would grant them everything they need. 

Thank you for partnering with us in prayer this week. It's exciting to see the Lord moving in a part of the world where darkness is so prevalent. The Lord is at work even where ISIL appears to be strong. We continue to hear reports of people questioning the truth of Islam after seeing the brutality of ISIL to fellow Muslims. We live in a time of massive movements of Muslim people to Jesus. May the Holy Spirit continue His mighty work in this part of the world and may His name be praised from all nations!