Japan: Riding High

These last days in Tokyo were simply AMAZING!  Last night worship at the Franklin Graham Celebration was over the top.  2000 member choir sang with the Michael W Smith band.  Michae's father died before he could get back,  Our prayers are with hi s family.  RIght now we are sitting in the Sky Club waiting for the 14 hour flight which has been delayed.  I am sitting next to the MJS BAnd- it could be worse!  They have been talking aboutbhow incredible the worship was last  night.  KUDOS to BGEA for an outstanding celebration with some of the sweetest kindest and most courteous people in the world.  We are so thankful to be a part of the Kingdom effort.  Amazing Grace!

My heart is so full of love and joy that I cannot adequately express what we witnessed.  God is so good!  OUr team was blessed.  PRAISING MY SAVIOR ALL THE DAY LONG!