Zimbabwe: “We’ll do the same thing tomorrow... only different"

Jami is clearly happy regardless of the tire situation.

This is the rigged tire pump.

We got a slow start this morning because of the low tire pressure, but don’t worry we used a bike pump to get things rolling again.

We visited Emily and she gave us some of her beautiful rugs to bring back with us.

Once we got on our way, we walked around in the community handing out Christmas gifts and praying with them. There was a soap and wash cloths that we put together. We had "Jesus loves you" embroidered on the them before we left.



That’s "Jesu uyakuthanda" in Ndebele.

We had sports camp day here in the Matobo Hills today.

After the clinic portion of the day, the older kids got jerseys and the little ones got cookies. Then there was a large game of soccer with the new jerseys.

If you know anything about the Joyner family, you will know that this is the most perfect way they could end the day. “Choc Chip cookies” sitting around the table recapping the day.

We want to thank you all that are praying for our time here. We are having lots of good time with the children and the men who are working alongside of us. It is good to see their smiling faces each day as we pull up in Chris and Norma’s firetruck. We are a bit more rested now and we are ready to finish strong with our last day in the community at the pre school tomorrow. We will be putting a little something together for a mural on the walls.

Also, a small child peed on Jami today.