Zimbabwe: Goodbye, Faded Winnie!

Lots of painting today. We had to finish up the walls of the pre school today, because tomorrow they will lay the cement for the floors.

While we started our character painting, Erik took a break from sifting clay to sketch. I looked over his shoulder to find a nice little drawing of what he calls “Coming Home from Church”

We were glad to hear that he really wanted to paint it on the wall.

There was a "Bend Down Boutique" in the church. All of the people in the community got a new piece of clothing if not multiple.

We took a break at lunch to have a stew and sadza meal with the community. And of course the kids had a meal with ORANGES that they love.

After we completed the final touches, we gathered our things and everyone started saying goodbye. Emotions that we didn’t fully expect were all of a sudden unavoidable. There was singing, dancing, hugging and dancing some more. All was obviously in praise for what God has provided for his Zimbabwe and American children.