Zimbabwe: The last day of TIA

There is a saying here T-I-A.

We hear this anytime we are running late, when a tire goes flat, when cookies don't have enough flour in them, when the water stops running, or even when the wifi falls out. We have come to enjoy this saying. We tend to take ourselves a little too seriously sometimes. This saying has kept us flexible and positive when the small things in the day go what we would consider "wrong".

We spent our last day on the fire truck

We've spent the day bobbing up and down, right to left, laughing and sometimes gazing at the landscape lost in thought. Handing out some goodies to friends of Chris and Norma in the community. You can tell when someone remembers Jami from her last visit, because they come running to her in a dance-sprint. These long embraces and cheek-to-cheek grins have absolutely filled us to the brim this week.

Lisa is presenting a towel to one of the sewing ladies reminding them that we love them and Jesus loves them so much more.

Future site of the community center

I am running out of battery and wifi... Catch you guys on the other side of the pond :)