Costa Rica: Ministry to Families

I went on the Costa Rica family mission trip recently with an awesome group of people!

The connections we made with people through the door to door evangelism really impacted me.  One of the first families we went to see was a mother and two teenagers.  The teenage daughter had a lazy eye and had quit school because she was being bullied.  The daughter, Jao, walked in with her head down and would not even look up at us.  I had just read a book through my Titus 2 mentoring group about being a confident woman, and God has really been working in my life in that area.  During the prayer I prayed that God would help her to find her confidence in Him the way that He had recently helped me.  I told her that she is beautiful before we left.  The mother looked at me with so much love as we were leaving the home.  I¹m praying that God will work through this interaction and that she can find her confidence in Him.

On the same morning we went to another home with a 16 year old girl and two smaller kids that she seemed to be the caretaker for.  We were sharing the Cross talk tract with them and going through it. We asked the very hardened 16 year old if she knew who died on the cross, and she had never even heard about Jesus.  Her life is so different from mine.  I can¹t even imagine what her life is like, but I pray that our sharing about Jesus will take root.  We invited her to our host¹s weekly youth group.  I just really hope that she will go learn more about God¹s love with our amazing host!