South Asia: Putting Training Into Practice

The drive to our training site included many potholes, speed bumps and swerving around people, bicycles, motorcycles and a wide variety of animals including pigs, goats and cows.  Our training time began with enthusiastic and joyful singing.  Some of the trainees had come from almost 500 miles away by train and bus and yet there were smiles on every face.

We asked the attendees to share what God had done as they shared the stories they heard from the January training.  We were so encouraged by what we heard.  

One group said they posted the story pictures on their church wall and the members learned about the origin of sin from that story.  

The second story was about God delivering Israel from slavery and Egypt.  The church members said how encouraged they were and they believed that God could deliver them.  

The third story was shared with non-believers. A brother told his friends that when they prayed to a false god or goddess it was similar to Israel wanting a King instead of trusting in God the Father.

The fourth story was about Jesus, the perfect sacrifice, told in the church and the believers loved it so much they began telling neighbors.  The neighbors also loved the story and began coming to church to hear more.  As a result three of them put their faith in Christ and were baptized.

We were so glad to hear that the trainees had been faithful to tell the stories and God was using them to reach and disciple people for Christ.  Please pray that they continue to be bold in sharing the Word of God with their family, neighbors and villages.