Ukraine: Festival of Hope

June 16-17

Our team of seven had been preparing for months meeting regularly, praying together, and doing behind the scenes preparation. 

Mountains of luggage were involved. Cargo included six 50# suitcases full of OTC medicines donated by JF members (a large portion from members of Marilyn's Bible Prophecy class). A week prior to departure, Marilyn had graciously hosted a "Medicine Packing" party at her home including an informal picnic dinner and hours of medicine sorting and packing. The Ukranian people are desperate for medicines as they are difficult to find and often much too costly for the average person. Medicines will be given in bulk to local churches for further distribution to the needy. 

Cargo also included one 50# suitcase of "craft kits" to be used in the Women's Mission Camp. These kits had been carefully designed and prepared by Jimmie Burrell and June Brown in the months prior.  They will support four different craft projects for 100+ at the Women's Camp. 

Send offs. Several friends and family were there for the "send off." The team felt the love and support of all.

Bryan Hanson joined us just prior to our departure to give us a "send off." The team joined hands with Brian as he led us in prayer. 

June 18

After experiencing delayed flight complications, the team was relieved to arrive safely in Ukraine followed by a great Ukranian dinner (including "Borscht" as a starter) with long anticipated fellowship with Ukrainian friends. 

June 19-20-Franklin Graham Festival of Hope

The team was off by 9 AM to meet Martin Durham from London (our Franklin Graham Festival of Hope contact). 

When connecting, we found that he was accompanied by a team of about a dozen young volunteer evangelists. Although the team was led by Martin and an impressive young man named Garreth (also from London), it was composed of both seasoned evangelists and "evangelists in training" from all over the world. Many of these young people had never met prior to this event but all were connected through K-180 <>.

You can't begin to imagine how our hearts were filled by being part of the Franklin Graham Festival of Hope event here in the Ukraine.

God blessed us so greatly through answering our prayers for many souls to be saved during the event. 

We want to shout praises to our Lord for his Grace and for his Blessings!

Continue to keep our ministry here in prayer this week!