Albania: The Country

Just because you know where you're going, that doesn't mean you know where you're going.

So...Where are we going?

I've already explained in an earlier post where the country of Albania is in relation to the rest of the world. If you can't impress friends and family with that wonderful tidbit of information, then feel free to go back and read Albania: where are they going? (And please remember we're staying in-world for this trip).  



Now the question becomes:  Where in Albania are we going? 

Well I'm so glad you asked!




 FIRST we fly to the capital city: 


We will be leaving the States from our home city of Atlanta, GA on July 16th, flying over night with a 5 hour layover in Rome (poor us) before finally making it to our host country of Albania on the evening of the 17th.  

We will be staying the night in Tirana and hopefully adjusting to the time change.  

        They're 6 hours  ahead!!

On July 18th, we'll catch up with two of our team members (Zoya and Jimmie) who will have just flown in from another mission trip in Romania with the Johnson Ferry Choir and Orchestra! If they're not passed out from exhaustion, Zoya and Jimmie will be able to enjoy our scenic drive South/East from the capital city of Tirana to the town of Korçë where we'll be teaching English for a week-long camp through the wonderful support of our hosts from CRU. 





The Town 



Korçë is located in the South/East of Albania, nestled in the mountains. 

Even though we'll be there in the heart of summer, temperatures will be much milder in Korçë than you'd fnd along the coast. We've even been advised to bring sweaters for the evenings! 


It can be no surprise, due to Albania's proximity with both Greece and Italy, that its towns are vibrant with a culture that has the modernity of today's world and the ease/tranquility stemming back to a time where community and conversation ruled the day.


We Americans will find we have to adjust and slow down if we hope to connect with the Albanian people. 


And it's a good thing we come from Georgia (good ole Southern hospitality) since the Albanian people are very friendly and known to be affectionate in their greetings with one another.


So where are we going?  

It's a good question to ask, and the answers are many:

  1.  Abroad - we are leaving the United States. 
  2. Albania - we are traveling to a country in the Mediterranean region of Europe near Italy and Greece. 
  3.  Korçë - we are teaching English to high school and college students in a town South/East of the capital city of Tirana that's nestled in the mountains 
  4. To a Foreign Land  - Albania is a developing country where the official language is Albanian, the currency is the Lek, and taking walks in the evening to a park along with all of your neighbors is considered extremely normal. 
  5. Where God has called us - each member of our team has been brought together by the Will of God. We each bring a unique story for our testimony to the Albanian people, and we have each been called to go for a different purpose. 

What that purpose is?

Only God knows, and only time will tell...