Ukraine: June 21st

Today, and for the remainder of the week, the team had two different mission objectives and thus had to travel in different directions to accomplish them. 

One team (Donna and Marilyn) had setup work to accomplish at the "Women's Camp" on Sunday afternoon so they stayed in Lutsk in the morning and attended services at Central Baptist Church located within walking distance of our hotel. 

The Camp schedule was planned to be very long days for all four women with similar agendas planned for each day. They spent several hours at the camp in the afternoon getting setup for the Monday Start. 

The remainder of our team (Bill, Charlie, Jimmie, John, and June) traveled to Turiis'k to worship and fellowship with our Christian brothers and sisters in Immanuel Baptist Church. 

As the van was loaded, we had new interpreters who would help to accomplish the mission of sharing Jesus' love with the people of Ukraine and encouraging them in their faith journey. 

Our two new interpreters were Oleg and Vitali. They would travel and minister with the men throughout the week while the women taught and served at the women's camp, each of them having their own individual interpreter. 

The trip to Turiis'k was slow and bumpy. It was a hundred mile, almost three hour, drive over poorly maintained roads. However, the trip allowed the team to gain an appreciation for the lushness of the soil and the richness of the earth in the fields of Ukraine. We saw many fields of wheat, potatoes, and canola. We saw local farmers riding in horse-driven carts to and from their fields. We saw hard working people barely making a living by tilling the soil and farming the land to feed their families. 

On this day, Immanuel was celebrating the 15th Anniversary of being at their current location. Johnson Ferry and individuals from JF had been instrumental in helping them acquire and improve their church building and facilities, so they were very grateful to have representatives from JF at this celebration. 

Finally arriving at Immanuel Baptist Church, we were greeted and welcomed by locals and "Visiting Dignitaries" who had come to help celebrate their 15 anniversary.