Romania: Power in numbers

Another great day for the books… today we began our different ministry activities. One of the cool things about having such a large group as ours is that you end up with a lot of raw talent and a lot of hands for work. We are doing all types of activities this week like serving food, doing small concerts, children’s ministry, prayer walking, house visits, construction work, maintenance, and just loving on the elderly in multiple community elderly homes. 

Today I was able to visit our two elderly home sites, and it was great to see our team hard at work, and also so wonderful to see the faces of these folks light up as our team either loved on them, served them, or presented beautiful music to them.  Mark Cottingham and Brian Hedrick led an ensemble at one of the elderly homes, and then our folks just got to hang out and love on the people who lived there.

A few miles away in another village, we had another team at a Mennonite elderly home… we had people everywhere doing all kinds of tasks from weeding, stacking wood, picking vegetables, to doing crafts with and giving hand massages to the residents.

This evening, if you read yesterday’s post, was the concert we presented to members of Harmony Baptist Church, and the friends, family, and co-workers who they invited to come with them. It turned out to be a great outreach event, and we were once again blessed with a ton of people. I’m not sure what the official numbers were, but a couple hundred at least. Our team sat with our new Romanian friends over dinner, then got up and presented the concert. Yet again, it was another great concert where the gospel was clearly presented, and well received by our audience as evidenced with a standing ovation.

Tomorrow we are taking a break from concerts. We will continue our ministry activities during the day and have a special time together in worship tomorrow evening. We are thankful for all that God is doing here and again for allowing us to be a part of his bigger story for Alba Lulia, Romania. Thanks again for your prayers from back home… keep up the good work!