Romania: Choir Trip Testimonies

We went door to door on 2 days. We visited a total of 8 homes. In every instance we found the people to be hospitable and open to our visits. We visited homes of older ladies as directed by the local pastors. All these ladies were impressed that we would come so far to visit them.

  • 1) on Monday. A lady of about 80 years of age was to take us to other homes. First, we visited her home and through our conversation found she needed to make a decision. She knew the Bible but had never confessed then asked Jesus into her heart and life. She did that morning.
  • 2) There was an 83 year old lady that knew all the right answers but held on to the belief that it was works. 3 or 4 times in our conversation she held to her belief that her good works would be sufficient to get her to Heaven. It took the efforts of 5 of us. Finally, Gail and the pastor convinced her that her path was leading to destruction/hell. Many scriptures were used including "I am the way" and the thief on the cross plus it is by grace, not works. She "got it" and asked to be led to the Lord.
  • 3) An older lady with Parkinsons. We went with the idea we would pray for her and we did. But, she then wanted to pray for us, our team and church. She had tears rolling down her cheeks as she prayed a beautiful prayer. She was overjoyed that people would come so far to see her.
  • 4) On Tuesday, I talked to the children in the gym where Brenda Williams was the lead. I had the opportunity to share the plan of salvation. I was to use the materials provided which I did. I began the presentation telling the children "I am old and you know you are supposed to pay attention and be kind to old people". That helped as it was a large group of children. I made the presentation personal for each child by saying things like "God loves me and pointed to each of the children saying did you know God loves you too". I used the provided information adding appropriate scripture. At the end I led them in the prayer. Then, I asked them to close their eyes again and asked if any one prayed that prayer and meant it - explaining they were praying to God not me. At least 25 responded they prayed that prayer. 

Summary. We visited 8 homes - 2 asked Jesus into their lives. 25 Children asked Jesus to save them. 


On Tuesday, July 14th, I shared my testimony at Pastor Teofil¹s church.  It was the first time I had given my testimony.  I became a Christian almost 3 years back so I was very nervous.  I cried through the entire testimony, but I believe that because I was so open, it allowed the Romanians to open up and want to share.  Each one stood and gave parts of their testimony as well.  Afterwards, I had a gentlemen come up and ask for us to have our picture taken together since our testimony was so similar.  Later in the week he came to our last concert and gave me his address so I could mail him a copy of the picture.
On Wednesday, July 15th, I was assisting with VBS in Partos and met a young lady by the name of Cristina.  She was Greek Orthodox.  We began chatting and next thing I know, she said that she wanted what I had.  I asked a teammate to participate in the prayer and Cristina accepted Christ.  Best day of my life that I was allowed to be part of this wonderful moment.  With all the kids around and the noise, I thought the focus that day was on the kids, but God knew otherwise.  I was exactly where I was supposed to be.   I am humbled by the entire trip.  Loved every moment of it.
Finally, with 140 people going on this mission trip, I was not expecting us to bond as much as we did.  Man oh man, God is great!  I made friendships on this trip that will last a lifetime and beyond.  We all walked through this journey together and became so much closer for it.
One story I remember from Romania regards Edi, a shy boy that came into our VBS activity at the church in Partos. My children are grown and I have not spent a lot of time around young children in years. I was a little nervous when I was assigned to a children's ministry activity how I might adjust.
When we arrived at the location I learned that there were several activities that were provided to engage the children as they arrived. I took up the "bubble ministry" and set about blowing bubbles in the air.Edi was shy and did not say a word at first, but I was able to get him to blow bubbles as I dipped and held out the wand for him. I slowly saw a smile come to his face and soon he was engaging in other activities with the 40 or so children that attended.
Just a few hours over two days with the children of Partos, but what a blessing! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to go and so glad I did not let my concerns over not knowing what to do keep me away.