Middle East: Camp has begun!

It's been a spectacular couple of days here in the Holy Land. From tours of some of the most faith building sites all the way to camp with Young LIfe it has truly been a whirlwind. As you can see from the pictures the emotions have ranged from awe and deep humility to laughter over silly skits and everything in between. Conversations with the students we are serving have been faith provoking and call for serious answers to tough questions coupled with a sensitive listening ear. Pray for the hearts of those we are serving to open to the love of Jesus and the forgiveness only He offers. To give you an idea of what we do during the day it ranges from:

  • early morning water balloon fills
  • late night field games
  • mid day scorching hot field games
  • cabin time
  • pool side conversations
  • skits
  • late night meetings with students and leaders
  • preparation for meetings
  • filming to
  • cleaning
  • prepping for more meetings
  • a lot of prayer
  • rinse and repeat