South Asia: Hallelujah, Hosanna we sang . . .

Many many hours after departing the church for this journey we touched down on the soil God had planned for us to plant seeds in now since the beginning of time. Flights were overbooked, delayed, extended, missed and Flight after flight catapulted us forward through time . . . His perfect time.

We were blessed Sunday to worship with brothers and sisters in a village none of us could have imagined. A simple beautiful heartland with dirt roads, roaming farm animals and people that do not share many of our American physical characteristics at all.  But we are all children of God and we all have a heart for Christ!! God’s limitless creativity and artistry was on display as a gift for His beloved followers who have come in the name of Jesus to encourage believers, plant new seeds and harvest the ripe. 

We experienced the giving of first fruits, first hand.  Local farm goods were brought and presented on the church alter. As only God would have it, during the sermon, one of the offering bags began to move. Then it clucked. Twice. Eventually, it was removed from the altar so we could proceed. We chuckled that the preaching was so good, that God resurrected that chicken!

Today our 4 teams began teaching the final 5 Foundation stories of the Bible (Acts, Phillipians and Revelation) that the team has been learning for months now and that we have been assisting the local missionaries here with for a year.  The teams went to 4 different places spreading Gods Word in bible foundations stories so that others may share it - to the ends of the earth.  We have been excited and nervous at the same time praying fervently that God would equip us, prepare hearts, plant seeds and harvest believers for His Kingdom and grow our eternal family of believers; but mostly we have prayed that God is glorified!