South Asia: Full of Joy

Our second Foundations training began at a new location for each of our four teams with a new group of hungry believers. The faces and ages were varied, yet their hearts were of one accord, eager and seeking God and His mighty Word in a way that is refreshing to those of us you who take these freedoms for granted. It was convicting and encouraging at the same time, just how God wants us. Humble before him.

In only hours of memorizing the stories (it took us months!) and scripture studies we sent these students of the gospel out to share immediately as they had been taught and shown Acts 16:31. A woman shared with a family in her local village that same evening and the whole family accepted Christ! God is showing us that we don’t have to be teachers or scholars to share the gospel but willing believers boldly led by the Holy Spirit again as promised in the scripture stories memorized. The Word is coming alive here each day!

As we left our new brothers and sisters in Christ, our hearts were full of joy and love that cannot be explained except in scripture; Acts 16:34, “and he leaped much for joy and exulted with all his family that he believed in God.” Yet our hearts are a bit sad today as we leave them, our hosts and drivers. With great anticipation and excitement, we will watch for what God will do here and be grateful that God found us useful to watch His great promises unfold in these tribes, tongues and nation. 

“For I am yearning to see you, that I may impart and share with you some spiritual gifts to strengthen and establish you; That is that we may be mutually strengthened and encouraged and comforted by each other’s faith, both yours and mine.” Romans 1:11-12