Nicaragua: JFCA Student Trip (Part 2)

---Day 5---

Our main ministry today was in Mt. Zion which is also in the town of Mateares.  The community has different sections.  As you traveled to the back of the barrio, you could see the economic differences.  JFCA helped raise a portion of the money to dig a well for this community, the final cost was over $7.400.  It was completed in 2015 just after our last trip.  The well is located at the church there and it will be so very important to their well-being.

Once again, we split up in groups of 3-4 with a translator and went door to door to invite the people to an activity at the church at 2:00.  Another group went a few blocks over to star construction on a metal hose.  The Sosa's are in their 60's and do not work, they do small things to make money to survive.  They have a daughter that lives with them that has special needs.  Every time it rains, their house floods.  This causes them to be sick often.

JFCA raised funds ($1200) to build a 15x15 metal structure and a concrete floor.  The sun and heat we4e very strong and this was laborious work.  The metal was sharp and the tools were primitive!  This group (Josh, Aaron, Joseph, Matthew, Abie, Anna, Alisha, Katherine, Connor, Will, Chris, Michael, Thomas, Nathan, Kellie, and Heather) worked very hard!  Leo, Guirellmo, Jorge, and Asf from Chosen Children labored hard as well!

The other part of the group went to the Good Shepard church.  Most of the groups talked to about 8-12 different houses and families during door to door. We invited the families to come to VBS and we shared the Gospel when we felt the Holy Spirit's leading. We prayed for families and played with the children. All of them kept asking to get piggy back rides, and our backs were getting tired. Many of the families we talked to showed up at the church later that day.  There was about 40-50 kids who showed up to hear the Gospel.

We just finished up dinner at Papa Johns and continued our Bible study in Joseph in Genesis 42-44The key question tonight is what is God showing you or telling you.

Our time here is passing quickly!  Everyone is doing well.