Sevierville: Serving God's Kingdom

As we drove into the Smokey Mountains National Forest on our way to Sevierville, what a blessing to see a rainbow extended across the valley of this beautiful part of God's Kingdom. We are certain that He has great plans for our time with the staff and students at Wears Valley.

Saturday was jam-packed with activity:

  • the kitchen crew was up by 4:30am and prepared a wonderful breakfast for the team

Breakfast is served!

Work on lunch began right after breakfast... the creamed corn was reaaalllly good, Ali!

And the Kale salad was also delicious!  Thanks, Julie!


  • just after breakfast several people shared testimonies of how God redeemed them from a life of sin and separation and shared how God continues to work in each of their lives
  • the thirty-six person team was then divided into work groups - fence repair, hedge trimming, build a retaining wall, cleaning out a creek bed, staining deck railing, interior room painting

Clearing out by the creek

Brother and sister helping clear out the creek banks...

I was blessed to work with a team of men on construction of a retaining wall.  Check out the pictures of our progress:


The work begins...

The first twelve stones!(really cinder blocks)

The wall takes shape before lunch!

Check out the finished wall!!

What a blessing to be here at Wears Valley Ranch!  As I sign off, I ask anyone reading this to be in prayer:

  • that there would be a sweet spirit of fellowship and unity here tonight and tomorrow;
  • that the students and the staff here would be encouraged by our presence;
  • please lift up the Wears Valley students and JFBC participants who will be sharing their testimonies tomorrow morning;
  • and, most importantly, please lift up anyone here at Wears Valley who doesn't know Christ as Lord and Savior, that they be open to reaching out to Him as Lord and Savior.