Peru: College Spring Break Update

The last few days of serving and sharing in the community…
We’ve been serving this community in the name of Jesus both with spiritual conversations, and physical service. The students have been bold in sharing Jesus. They have had multiple in-depth gospel conversations, with strangers on the street and with people who the local church asked us to go and visit. Some of those people have come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior and others are still wrestling with surrender to Jesus. But all in all these guys and girls have been awesome in sharing with all they have come across. They served wonderfully in the local orphanage, worked on a guinea pig farm (not kidding) and helped farmers raise a greenhouse. These last two service projects were all a part of the local church’s continual outreach to the agriculture community.

Zim March 2016-3.JPG

It has been a powerful week of serving and sharing and seeing many adults and children come to faith in Jesus. It has also been been a powerful week of watching our college students wrestle with God’s call on their own lives. We go on trips for various reasons and we have certain expectations. But when God meets us in ways unexpected while we’re far from home it can be a sweet and tough time of wrestling to say yes to His plans. Pray for these students to stay strong in the ways God has called them to walk once they are back in the states next week!!