Peru: The day has finally come!

Today was our first day on the ground in Peru! With the exception of a few that are coming in later tonight, we're all accounted for and couldn't be more excited to be here. This morning we continued the always loved tradition of going to the Cruz del Papa to enjoy a time of worship, learning, and taking awesome photos from the edge of a mountain. If you didn't already know, we're so excited to have Bryant and Anne Wright on the trip with us this year! It's so awesome seeing their heart for missions and discipling students. Naturally, Bryant led us in a time of reflection and we looked at the first ever mission trip, the commissioning of Paul and Barnabas by the church in Antioch, Syria (Acts 13). There are great lessons to be learned, such as going out in pairs, always making sure you're truly being sent out and not going on your own strength, and expecting spiritual warfare along the way. It was a great reminder and encouragement as we begin this great week. 

After our time at Cruz del Papa, we went on to lunch we enjoyed some delicious, authentic Peruvian cuisine... or maybe we just went to Pizza Hut. Either way, it was a quick bite then we were on our way back up to near where we are staying and will be doing ministry this week. We joined an already-in-progress block party our local church partners were throwing for their community. We had a great time loving on the kids, challenging the locals to some soccer, and putting on various aspects of our programming (i.e. singing, drama, etc.). In all, we had a great turnout and it was a meaningful time to share with a few folks about the hope we have in Christ, but also enjoy fellowship with the church partners and any of the their congregation that attended.

We're more than excited to hit the ground running tomorrow and hope you'll join us in praying that we'll be ready to receive what all God has in store for us this week. We'll try our best to keep you as updated as possible... make sure to follow @johnsonferrystudents on Instagram to get photo/video updates, and go to our Facebook page to see all the photos from today and future days at