South Asia: Building Foundations for the Unreached

26 May

Today we completed our two day Foundations course for 35 believers from the Maghi tribe.  According to the Joshua Project, they are an unreached people with only 0.5 % professing Christianity.  What a joy it was to share the 5 Overview stories (Beginnings, Deliverance, Kings and Prophets, Jesus and Jesus Followers) with these brothers and sisters in Christ that are so eager to learn.  They did so well learning the stories that we were also able to cover 3 Say, Learn, and Obey lessons using the scripture passages for God calling Moses, God choosing David as Israel's next king and the story of the Good Samaritan.  Each of these passages had powerful lessons for all of us to learn and apply in our lives.  The leadership at the training was so pleased with the Foundations content and teaching method we used that additional Johnson Ferry teams have already been requested to come and teach the remaining 5 courses of Foundations.

Pictured here with Gina are most of the ladies from the class.  How sweet and beautiful they are!  Also pictured is the son (that we mentioned in our last post).  He came to Christ and was healed of his mental illness.  He was one of our most enthusiastic students and here he is sharing the story of Jesus' Followers.  The end of the class is always a sweet time as we say our goodbyes and pray with many.  We promised that we would be back.