East Africa: Many Receive Christ Through Jesus Film

We are overwhelmed with joy! 

We gathered a list of names today of those who accepted Jesus Christ as their savior for the first time. 60 came forward from a class of 150 who were taught by George on the power of the gospel and 30 more or so (haven't counted) from watching the Jesus movie we showed yesterday.

Today we were blessed by most of the class of 500 standing up to profess their faith in Jesus for the first time after seeing the Jesus movie today when we had an alter call at the end.  We could not write all the names down due to limited time for departure. One girl who professed her faith yesterday was a Muslim and her parents threatened her with death last night. She returned to tell the staff and George today. Hands of love will address with her tomorrow so please keep in your prayers. God is moving and protecting us along the way.

God bless.