Jefferson City, TN: Light Construction, Homeless Ministry, Food Distribution

We have had a very interesting and beautiful day!

Our team is divided into two projects. The first went to the ministry center and sorted through nine crates of donations for either the Thrift Store, recycle ( to be sent to third world countries), or thrown away. The second group worked at the desk checking out those that came to get food, clothes, and needed items. It is a very organized facility. The recipients have to register and show ID, and are given certain items each month, and may choose other items.

We were so happy to meet some of the recipients and be able assist in this project! We got to see Scarlett Allen, and she helped us and had dinner with us. For those of you that don't know, she was one we helped about five years ago and have prayed for her and her son, Josh who is presently at the Air Force boot camp in TX. Tomorrow we will report on the other participants on our team.

During this week we were also able to work on several additional projects.  Some of us did construction remodeling for a disabled family, others assisted the homeless at the Samaritan House and threw a birthday party for twins at that site as well as landscaping outside. 

Birthday Party for the children

Birthday Party for the children

Several of the ladies in our group sorted donated clothes and food items for the food pantry.  Some of the clothing was distributed to those in need in the local community and some clothing was packed for shipment to those in need in foreign countries.

Thank you all for your prayers!