Sevierville, Tennessee: Thursday-Travel Day

Today is a travel day with families driving around 3 ½ hours from Atlanta.  Specific prayer requests for today are as follows:
  1. Traveling mercies for all of our participants
  2. Pray that each of our participants will be both blessed and a blessing during the weekend
  3. Pray for the people from our team as well as the ranch kids that will be giving testimonies over the weekend
  4. Pray that our team will let the world around them fade away as we immerse ourselves in ministry over the weekend
  5. Please pray that for any in our own group who may not be believers to see the light of Christ during the weekend (we have had 4 people accept Christ from our own team on past trips!)
  6. Pray that Satan will be bound during the weekend and will not unleash any spiritual warfare
  7. Pray that the ranch kids, house parents, and kids will be encouraged by our presence