Poland: Leading Through Worship

Hello! We have been off to a great start here in Poland! Everything regarding travel has gone over smoothly, and jetlag is finally wearing off (sort of). 

On Saturday we took the morning to visit the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz, and what a crucial way to begin our time here in Poland. It gave each of us a moment to really understand the history of oppression in this country, and to move into ministry with a newfound sensitivity. 

Today we led a worship service for Irek’s church, Tarnow Baptist. What a beautiful sound and picture of Heaven- the way our English worship and Polish worship rang out across the room. A few of our students gave the first cardboard testimonies today. They would hold up a piece of cardboard with a personal struggle of theirs written in Polish and English, and then they would flip them over to reveal how the Lord has worked through that struggle- truly a moving moment seeing testimonies of our students as they have gone from death to life. 

Poland Day 2 (10 of 13).jpg

Tonight we had a cookout with Irek and his church members at Tarnow Baptist. It was a special night as we got to fellowship together and get a glimpse of what the Lord has in store for us as we begin ministry in 4th high school tomorrow. 

Please continue to be lifting us up in prayer- we have already seen your prayers at work. Pray that we would be intentional with the students we meet tomorrow. Pray that the school and it’s administration would be welcoming to us, and ultimately receptive to the Gospel. Pray that the Lord would be stirring up the hearts of the people we are meeting, and that we would get a chance to reconnect with them at our concerts. Most importantly pray that the nation of Poland would get a glimpse of Jesus yearn for more.