Poland: Bringing Hope

The past two days have been packed to the rim, and the Holy Spirit is at work in a mighty way here in Poland. On Tuesday we spent the day in Rzeszow where we visited 4th high school, also known as the sports school. Our volleyball team was sadly defeated by the NUMBER ONE team in Poland, but the ladies took the loss with grace having put forth a faithful fight. Our basketball team pulled an awesome victory! The games allowed our teams to interact with the Polish teams and it sparked some very meaningful conversations.

We then had a concert which left our Polish friends looking forward to meeting back up with us at the concert that night. The concert went above and beyond all of our expectations. Hundreds of people gathered to listen to us. From the singing, cardboard testimonies, and message- Jesus Christ was on display in Rzeszow. As we left the concert, something in the atmosphere had shifted, seeds had been planted. The goal of our concert was not to see hundreds of converts, but to show Poles who Jesus is, and allow Him to flourish that in His time.

Wednesday was another day of ministry in Tarnow where we have been staying. We visited 3rd high school where we played their sports teams and performed a concert. Our students worshiped with a different kind of excitement today as they are truly getting excited about our big concert here tonight! After our games and concert in the school we were able to visit with Polish students. Some of our students were even able to attend classes with them. The conversations our students have been engaging in have been so special, yet so simple. Most of the Polish students have very good English, but are very shy to talk to Americans, but once they do they find that American teenagers and Polish ones are very similar. 

In the last few days of ministry we have seen the Lord do incredible things. He is bringing hope in a city that has longed for it for too long. He is bringing life where there are dry bones. He is winning this nation back. We have one more big day of ministry here in Tarnow, and we are expectant of the Lord to do big things. Please pray that we would put Jesus on display and that the city of Tarnow would see and hear of Jesus.