Zimbabwe: The adventure begins

A trip to Victoria Falls was such a great way to jump start this adventure. We walked along the cliffs getting sprayed by the massive falls and were so stunned by this huge creation of God. We continued on to a safari and saw 3 of the "big five” African safari animals. The giraffe, elephant and hippo!

By the time we got to Chris and Norma’s farm, we already had time together to bond and grow together as a team and a body of Christ. Lots of sharing and prayer over the community.

We got the chance to go to church with the community in Matobo Hills. We shared songs, then they shared songs and then Thomas shared the word. Thomas spoke about the importance of welcoming everyone to see the gospel. Breaking down walls around the church so that it is easier for others to come into a relationship with Jesus.

One of our goals on this trip is to help with the beginning of the Community Center the Fergusons desire to build just on the edge of the farm. Yesterday, we got back from church and some of the city officials were here to look at some of the borders of the community center. It was pretty powerful to be here when prayer was needed. A lot of us throw up prayers for Chris and Norma whenever we think of them, but to be here as the inspectors arrived to gather around at the fire pit was so GREAT!

Today, we are working on a few different projects in the community.

And of course there will be much more climbing