Ecuador: Preparing the way

Day 3 on the ground was another fantastic day... this morning we kicked off some of our big projects for the week. Most of our ministry will take place in and around the church we worshipped with on Sunday. Our construction team is helping a local crew in building a bathroom addition for the church. Our goal for the week is to lay the foundation and pour the concrete, finish the walls, and put a roof on it. This morning we went straight to work on cleaning out the area and pouring concrete.

Meanwhile our medical clinic kicked off and our team, led by Joy Cates, began to see patients from the community. We didn't start with our VBS today... we will begin that tomorrow; but our team prepped all morning and most of the afternoon getting crafts made, practicing their goofy dances, and rehearsing dramas that they will present to the kids. The local church is helping us by going around town promoting VBS. We're hoping to see a good number of kids show up tomorrow!

When we finished our work for the day, our awesome hosts treated us to a 4th of July celebration. On our way back from our ministry activities, we basked in our glorious God-given freedom... the freedom from the fear of heights that is, with a detour to some amazing (up high) sights. First we took a short sky-basket ride across a gorgeous gorge, then we visited a place called The Swing at the End of the World... a place that has swings, and if you get your camera angle right, looks like you're swinging over the edge of a cliff. It. Was. Stunning. And what made it even better was that the clouds parted around the sun and we got to experience the most gorgeous sunset. We came back to camp, had a delicious American dinner, and once again our hosts rocked it out by giving us a little fireworks show in honor of our beloved home and native land.

In all, today was a great day. We really were able to get a lot done, and yet in some respects we have barely even started. Please pray for us that our medical team and construction teams that have already begun, and for our VBS that kicks off tomorrow. We know tomorrow will be another great day. Much love from (South) America!